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Mar 03 2017

Logan Movie review Spoiler free!

Read the rest

Jul 08 2016

A Few Words From John Ryes-Davies

JohnRyesDavies from SugarFree Productions LLC on Vimeo.… Read the rest

May 04 2016

Response to Dose article “Here’s Why I Won’t Be Watching Netflix’s Newest Angry White Dude With A Gun”

Im responding to a recent article ┬áthat was posted on a website that use to be a Canadian magazine called Dose, it’s probably because of the daily dose of bull crap but we will get into that soon.… Read the rest

Apr 11 2016

Hardcore Henry is a bloody and I mean bloody good time!

Hardcore Henry may have been critically panned over here for mostly it seems the story but I think differently and I didn’t listen to most of those reviews I decided to take a look myself see if it was actually crap like the reviewers said and after seeing it I notice most reviewers have a different taste than mine because I thought it was like the title says was a bloody good time!… Read the rest

Mar 26 2016

Batman v Superman: Ben Affleck v superman

All kidding aside it was a really good movie it really made up for what Man of steel did which made me fall asleep, this movie was actually good and it gave Lex Luthor a good origin story.… Read the rest

Mar 12 2016

J.J Abrams should do a Cloverfield show

Yes i said it and i have good reasons to say it and that’s because it’s basically a modern Twighlight zone or Outer Limits, with both movies the characters had gone through different events like for instance (spoiler warning).… Read the rest

Mar 12 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane

I just saw the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane and here are my thoughts.… Read the rest

Mar 06 2016

Zootopia review

Well I got a chance today to see the movie Zootopia, a movie about an alternate world where animals evolved to walking on two legs and being able to speak and they have an entire society ruled by prey and predators.… Read the rest

Feb 24 2016

Zoolander 2 Review

It’s been fifteen year’s since Derek zoolander was on the big screen and I have to say it was well worth the wait, zoolander 2 isn’t for.everyone and most definitely isn’t the first one but it’s certainly a good film for fans of zoolander.… Read the rest

Feb 16 2016

Better call saul season 2 premier

Well spring TV is coming back, with walking dead’s mid season premier that happened yesterday and now Better call saul is back with more witty jokes and swindling like there was in the first season.… Read the rest

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