Apr 11 2016

Hardcore Henry is a bloody and I mean bloody good time!

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Hardcore Henry may have been critically panned over here for mostly it seems the story but I think differently and I didn’t listen to most of those reviews I decided to take a look myself see if it was actually crap like the reviewers said and after seeing it I notice most reviewers have a different taste than mine because I thought it was like the title says was a bloody good time!

The whole POV movie thing was really awesome and it made the film seem like a video game but at the same time its narrative is something of an action movie like die hard or James Bond also the cast which isn’t really wide of familiar actors there’s one to recognize in their since he played like ten different roles in the film Sharlto Copley! he’s a really good actor and isn’t like the Hollywood norm mostly because he operates out of South Africa, he was really good in this.

If he can play a human turning alien, a crazy government agent and an emotional gangster robot he can play several different characters in one movie that’s for sure.

in conclusion this movie at the moment may seem like a financial failure it doesn’t mean it’s bad and the other reviewers didn’t like it because they prefer action films with flashy shots and a full two hour narrative that can end good or bad, speaking of which the ending for this movie is perfect definitely doesn’t leave you “hanging” for anything else so in my opinion you should go see it defiantly not a date night movie but I can actually say it a “Input politically correct term so sjw’s don’t get offended” film, even if you wait for DVD or bluray or what ever other platform they have now it’s defiantly worth the watch. 5/5 is what i declare!



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