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Apr 16 2018

The many Battle Royale games of mobile


Ah, the Battle Royale genre.… Read the rest

Feb 19 2018

Fortnite battle royale

I have been gone for quite some time and now I’m back and ready to provide more videos!… Read the rest

Sep 03 2016

Overwatch let’s play

Read the rest

May 16 2016

(No title)



Fun game,fun moments and fun memes… Read the rest

Apr 24 2016

Grand theft auto 5:the mod episode

I decided to do a little bit of a video on the mods I have in Grand theft auto 5.… Read the rest

Apr 12 2016

Tower Unite, bumpy start but it will improve

Yes, its been quite a ride for PixelTail games but their creation has finally been released to the public and so far it’s not bad, but there’s still some issues, like for instance server connectivity which is quite common for something like this to have considering a large amount of it is online only and it’s just a small complaint the real problem I have personally is the fatal error problem.… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015

Fallout 4’s website has crashed and boy is there crash screen good

So if you’re having issues getting onto the site right now you’ve probably been greeted with the image in the post if not then take a look at it I don’t know why it’s so cool to me but I just like it and think anyone who hasn’t seen it should see it.… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015


It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for the greatest day in gaming history today is the day we will remember as Fallout 4’s announcement.… Read the rest

Apr 21 2015

Walking and Talking-Romero’s Aftermath

I also talk about Tower Unite in this video I hope you like it.… Read the rest

Apr 20 2015

Tower Unite Update!

The project is still at a low BUT I have a feeling that it’s speeding up a bit.… Read the rest

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