Mar 12 2016

J.J Abrams should do a Cloverfield show

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Yes i said it and i have good reasons to say it and that’s because it’s basically a modern Twighlight zone or Outer Limits, with both movies the characters had gone through different events like for instance (spoiler warning).












Cloverfield was a giant monster movie and you could say the same for 10 cloverfield lane except that monster is John Goodman aka Howard trapping a young girl in a bunker and he slowly if he hasn’t already loses it and kills Emmett and dissolves his corps in chemicals that he soon get’s a face full of, Michelle escapes to find wouldn’t you guess it more monsters! Noe this twist right here is what made me think of The Twilight Zone or The outer limits because it played out so well and it gave us a hell of a surprise.

Also the fact that the monster in the bunker predicted who the attackers were he said they were possibly Extra terrestrial’s and Emmett said that Howard told him it could be worm creatures which he was right about they were probably martians but most defiantly worm creatures.

Now that we’ve talked about that we should talk about where this would air personally I think Abrams should avoid TV with such an idea it should be a Netflix original or an Amazon prime original or heck even a hulu original it should be something on the internet because that’s the direction we’re taking internet media is going to be the places to go for this stuff and an idea like this would probably work well on the web.

Now this isn’t Me saying “yeah Abrams is going to do a cloverfield tv show my dad works for bad robot he told Me.” No I’m not saying that also no my dad doesn’t work at Bad Robot studios it was just an example thing I thought would be funny

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