May 04 2016

Response to Dose article “Here’s Why I Won’t Be Watching Netflix’s Newest Angry White Dude With A Gun”

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Im responding to a recent article  that was posted on a website that use to be a Canadian magazine called Dose, it’s probably because of the daily dose of bull crap but we will get into that soon.

Anyways a lot of us are happy that The Punisher will be getting his own show in the Netflix marvel universe since he did so well on season 2 of Daredevil this really isn’t a surprise since well it’s been talked about since he was announced to appear everyone seems happy, well not exactly you see an article on the website Dose.com stating why he wouldn’t be watching it and his reasons are invalid and racist.

His article called The Punisher a white school shooter which for one is wrong already since he tries not to kill innocent bystanders and only kills criminals, this person is obviously uneducated about the character and decided that since he’s a “big time” journalist his word is law but all I can say is he’s not good at researching and even called The Punisher a dick for trying to kill Spiderman in his first appearance.

All I can say is I’m disappointed that this hack is allowed to write for an actual news website and not a Reddit form it’s a sad day, but hey Frank castle is returning no matter what this guy says.


Also here’s a link to the original article: http://www.dose.com/hollywood/28511/Here-s-Why-I-Won-t-Be-Watching-Netflix-s-Newest-Angry-White-Dude-With-A-Gun?utm_source=partners&utm_medium=rossmaster&utm_campaign=CMfacebook

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