Apr 16 2018

The many Battle Royale games of mobile

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Ah, the Battle Royale genre. The genre that fills me with rage and made me uncontrollably swear at my computer for hours on end, I love it yet I also despise it at the same time. PUBG is a fun game but it’s also still really hard and buggy and Fortnite is just shotgun to the face simulator (at least for me it is.) And H1Z1 is just pure garbage compared to the both of them, only having auto royale as a game mode that i keep coming back for.

But PC isn’t the only one with tons of BR games, the mobile market is flooded with them. You have Rules of survival being the main one, as well as Knives out, Survivor Royale, Grand battle Royale: Pixel war, last battlegrounds, unknown battle Royale and of course PUBG mobile, this list could go on and on but in the end only like 3 of these are worth playing, these two are Rules of survival (RoC) and PUBG mobile.

Now let me tell you those others I listed off I haven’t played, simply because most of them are either made by the same company and are just relabeled versions of other versions of themselves or are just not that great according to the store reviews. But Rules of survival has been #1 in the play store according to its ad campaign (it’s not #1 right now.) And PUBG hasn’t made it to any rankings by the looks of it, It’s on there it’s getting review’s and good ones at that (including one from yours truly.)

Now what I can say right now is most of these games play the same, Rules of survival and PUBG mobile play exactly alike with a few difference. Another thing to point out is most of them are made in china, PUBG mobile over in china is actually called PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield which is still the same game. But what’s really funny is it seems like rules of survival was in development first and released first, so it makes PUBG mobile look like a rip off title to thar one, another funny thing is the developers of Rules Of Survival made by a company called NetEase, had also released several other titles, two of them I’ve mentioned Knives out and Survivor Royale, three games that are nearly the same released by one publisher or developer I assume it’s a publisher but then again it could be a developer copy and pasting gamed to make a full series of BR gamed.

It’s a crazy market the mobile market, full of micro transactions and bejewled rip offs that charge you money for moves. But in all honestly, if you’re looking for a good BR game, both PUBG mobile and RoS are good games to play to get that Battle Royale fix. But in the en,d, I enjoy PUBG mobile sorry, not sorry.

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