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May 19 2015

Following your dreams in the US Military

Following Your Dreams. from SugarFree Productions LLC on Vimeo.… Read the rest

May 14 2014

SteamWars #1 an ember of hope

So with free comic book day gone until next year and i read through the comics that i got TWICE!and figured it’s time to review them today i will be reviewing SteamWars now the name is pretty self-explanatory, it’s starwars in a steampunk world.… Read the rest

May 12 2014

Stream Test

We had a successful Stream Test in Hartford over the weekend, went to a couple of spots and shot about 30 seconds of live video to gauge the quality.… Read the rest

May 10 2014

story ideas

hello everybody at the end of the month I will be going to Hartford Comic con And i want to know what my fans want to see, what type of stories do you want?… Read the rest

May 03 2014

Free Comic Book Day

We went to Wonderland Comics in Putnam, CT for Free Comic Book Day which is held on the first Saturday of May every year.… Read the rest

Apr 15 2014

Press Passes to Hartford Comic Con.

Having scored press passes to this year’s Hartford Comic Con, we want to know what you want to know.… Read the rest

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