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Feb 09 2017

Call of duty: Modern warfare remastered

The classic returns…… Read the rest

Jun 13 2014

Dead island 2 finally.


It’s happening were getting a real sequel to dead island and by the looks of it it’s going to be a bit more on the comedy side which is kinda funny because deadrising went from being kinda comical at the beginning and now it’s kinda dark i heard haven’t played it,but it looks like we get a glimpse of what could be two of the main playable characters and what looked like a douche bag who would make fun of a big guy for going to the gym to FIX the problem getting turned into a zombie after surviving all troughs explosions and nearly getting hit by a limo only to be hit seconds later and have his shoes stolen by one of the possible main characters.… Read the rest

Jun 11 2014

Grand theft auto v next gen and pc re release

Well looks like it finally happened and nope still no heist,well looks like gta v made it onto next gen and possibly with graphical improvements and that’s basically it if you bought the game on a current gen you’ll probably be disappointed unless your a pc only gamer then you’ll be really happy to see this game and hopefully the pc port is better than the horrendous Gta IV port which was like playing on a flip book the frame rate sucked.… Read the rest

May 22 2014

Assassin’s creed unity tailer

Well the trailer has already been out for about a month now i figured i would ask what do you want in the next Assassin’s creed game?… Read the rest

May 14 2014

GTA V highlife update

Rockstar games has recently released the newest gta online dlc called High life,this dlc, this dlc gives you new guns cars and says to end griefing but what i really like is the option to own two properties,so now if you get the new cars you won’t have to get rid of the ones you’ve been working on since day 1 if your character had survived the massive glitch.… Read the rest

Mar 31 2014

XCOM declassified a hit and miss title.

The bureau is a good strategy game it’s got a good 1960’s theme and a nice science fiction story, i would have to say about 3 problems of this game is the main character,he’s boring and has a generic back story that can actually be very confusing but let me get down to the details of the game.… Read the rest

Mar 15 2014

The last of us Part 4

The next video in my gameplay series this is really fun and i hope to release more for my viewers be it last of us or a different game.… Read the rest

Mar 13 2014

The last of us part 3

Got another last of us video YAHOO!… Read the rest

Mar 10 2014

The last of us let’s play

This page will be updated a couple time’s a day or a week for my gameplay series,the civilization v gameplay is at a halt at the moment because i figured this would be more interesting.… Read the rest

Feb 20 2014

Operation flashpoint a star that died quickly

You probably have or haven’t heard of this game but it was one of the greatest games ever,you had multiplayer matches that put you into a battle field with at least 60 Npc’s ,the game did have a story but i would mostly play multiplayer it was so fun.… Read the rest

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