Mar 06 2016

Zootopia review

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zootopia review

Well I got a chance today to see the movie Zootopia, a movie about an alternate world where animals evolved to walking on two legs and being able to speak and they have an entire society ruled by prey and predators.

The movie is a Disney animation team creating some beautiful animation which once again they out did them selves creating a live world such as the city of Zootopia, and our main characters officer Judy hops the first bunny cop and a swindling  Fox named Nick Wilde, and this unlikely duo have to work together to solve a mystery in 48 hours which I will not give away because people need to see this movie right?

Now at first glimpse it seems like any normal family movie cute animal characters who are wacky and always getting into trouble well that’s very much the case but there’s also a lot of real world issues be it new or be it old brought up such as racism, yeah I know it talks a lot about that like I said Judy is the first bunny cop and she gets put down a lot for being small and weak but it doesn’t stop her.

Also the sloths!

so…in…conclusion…i……suggest…you…..see…..this……..movie……5…..out….of…..5…also….I….hope…..to….Okay that’s enough of that I hope to review 10 cloverfield lane when it comes out next week so stay tuned and remember this is the DMV it’s actually like this.


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