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Sep 03 2016

Overwatch let’s play

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May 04 2016

May the 4th be with you.

Hello and happy Star Wars day, I was going to record a video but my capture card didn’t want to record an old game so instead here’s my older Star Wars video from a long time ago…not really it’s from 6 months ago.… Read the rest

Mar 15 2016

New scam appearing on xbox live

It appears that xbox live is getting a high amount of scammers on its service, more and more people are being sent messages from other gamertags posing as women saying that they are willing to send you pictures, a lot of them give you a number to call and this number let’s them get ahold of your number which some of you may have your password recovery linked with your phone number be careful for any of these messages because they could get ahold of your account.… Read the rest

Sep 21 2015

Help us raise money playing video games

On November 7th, 2015, Gareth² will be raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network but playing video games for 24 hours.… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015

Fallout 4’s website has crashed and boy is there crash screen good

So if you’re having issues getting onto the site right now you’ve probably been greeted with the image in the post if not then take a look at it I don’t know why it’s so cool to me but I just like it and think anyone who hasn’t seen it should see it.… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015


It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for the greatest day in gaming history today is the day we will remember as Fallout 4’s announcement.… Read the rest

Mar 27 2015

Charging in!:Battlefield Hardline

I played some Battlefield Hardline with my new friend ItzMicro hope you all enjoy the video!… Read the rest

Feb 09 2015

Money Bags

The fastest and funnest way to build your wealth in Dying Light

Watch live video from SugarFreePro on Twitch… Read the rest

Feb 08 2015

Let’s play dying light part 3

Here it is part 3 of the Dying light series hope you all enjoy it!… Read the rest

Feb 02 2015

Engaging Night Terrors during the Day

Watch live video from SugarFreePro on Twitch… Read the rest

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