Mar 12 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane

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I just saw the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane and here are my thoughts.

This movie blew My mind! it was so scary it was physiological, it was just amazing like everything that happened it had a slow start but like the first Cloverfield it leads into something so big you didn’t know it could get any bigger, the small cast worked well together John Goodman did a great job showing that he can play crazy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a great leading character she had some of the best scenes in the movie and played the part well, John Gallagher Jr also did well he’s not as big as the other two but I have a feeling this will be helping his career a lot because I don’t know him really but he’s been in other stuff.

Now you may think this is just J.J Abrams picking up a throw away script and just slapping Cloverfield on it which is kinda what he did but he made it work he didn’t just do what other films did to kill their franchises like Die Hard and that piece of crap that we do not talk about (A Good Day To Die Hard Ewww!) he made it work he wrote it into something that would work with his movies especially a Cloverfield movie and like he said this wasn’t a sequel this was a I guess an Anti-sequel it was very very different from the first one but I’m not going to say how because YOU YES YOU NEED TO SEE IT ASAP! we’re only 3 months into 2016 and I can already say I think I have my best movie of the year spot taken because I don’t think anything can top what this is go and see it you will not regret it.

Also one more thing to add is the director did a very good job Dan Trachtenberg is really good at making these scenes visually awesome and somewhat disturbing and he’s done some great stuff and this is probably his best thing ever, he’s also got a Portal fan film worth checking out.


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