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Mar 03 2017

Logan Movie review Spoiler free!

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Feb 13 2016


Well it’s finally here Deadpool the most anticipated super her- I mean anti-hero movie of 2016 and what do I have to say?… Read the rest

Jul 29 2014

Possibility of a deadpool movie looks good

So a lot of fans of the Deadpool comics or video game have probably been waiting for a movie and thinking “why hasn’t it been made yet?” Well this video isn’t a movie but it’s test footage for I guess for what could be a green light for a movie and I gotta tell you this made Me laugh harder than the hulk scene’s from the avengers,the voice actor for Deadpool in this is Ryan Reynolds he was Deadpool in X-men origins wolverine if you can remember

Yes this was Deadpool at one point not a lot of people were happy with this luckily they decided to add his suit with the mask and what not and took the swords off his arms and just had him hold them because let’s face it x-men origins wasn’t the greatest x-men movie and a lot of the fans just want to forget about it but still it kinda help bring what could be the Deadpool movie to life.… Read the rest

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