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Apr 12 2016

Tower Unite, bumpy start but it will improve

Yes, its been quite a ride for PixelTail games but their creation has finally been released to the public and so far it’s not bad, but there’s still some issues, like for instance server connectivity which is quite common for something like this to have considering a large amount of it is online only and it’s just a small complaint the real problem I have personally is the fatal error problem.… Read the rest

Dec 07 2015

Throwback games- Destroy All Humans 2

Here’s some Destroy All Humans 2! enjoy!… Read the rest

Apr 21 2015

Walking and Talking-Romero’s Aftermath

I also talk about Tower Unite in this video I hope you like it.… Read the rest

Apr 20 2015

Tower Unite Update!

The project is still at a low BUT I have a feeling that it’s speeding up a bit.… Read the rest

Apr 19 2015

Tower unite a social game without microtransactions and unlimited fun!

There is A LOT of projects on kick starter some of them being the most idiotic thing on the face of the planet but they get funded.… Read the rest

Mar 15 2014

CampAnime three days of fun

CampAnime is a 3 day event that is held in September at camp Woodstock, it was a fun event and had been one of my first conventions and it’s a good first con in my opinion because well it’s small and the prices are reasonable and there’s a lot to do there from panels to creativity like last year they had a film crew there and me and some friends had made a short film

It’s a legend of Zelda/steampunk/vocoloid/Pokemon and even Team fortress 2 film.… Read the rest

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