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Feb 03 2017

Mobile hell:Zombie death shooter

Read the rest

Feb 15 2016

Walking dead mid season premier, this is so how things happend.

Yeah who knew Carl was black bart?… Read the rest

Apr 21 2015

Walking and Talking-Romero’s Aftermath

I also talk about Tower Unite in this video I hope you like it.… Read the rest

Mar 28 2015

Dead rising Watchtower review

This is my first ever video review I expect to get better with them as I keep making them but it’s a start.… Read the rest

Feb 13 2015

Let’s play garry’s mod zombie rp

Here it is, my first well made PC game let’s play.… Read the rest

Feb 08 2015

Let’s play dying light part 3

Here it is part 3 of the Dying light series hope you all enjoy it!… Read the rest

Jan 29 2015

Dying light gameplay part 1 Lock picking is HARD!

Hello everyone I will be releasing a short series of videos of the game Dying light on the xbox one hope you all enjoy it… Read the rest

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