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Apr 16 2018

The many Battle Royale games of mobile


Ah, the Battle Royale genre.… Read the rest

Feb 06 2017

Mobile hell:Mobile strike

Read the rest

Apr 21 2015

Walking and Talking-Romero’s Aftermath

I also talk about Tower Unite in this video I hope you like it.… Read the rest

Apr 19 2015

Tower unite a social game without microtransactions and unlimited fun!

There is A LOT of projects on kick starter some of them being the most idiotic thing on the face of the planet but they get funded.… Read the rest

Feb 23 2015

Dave and busters battle pods review

This week I got to play one of the battle pods at Dave and busters and I have to say it looks impressive, but it’s still an on rail shooter It’s not as exciting as the trailer makes it look I mean it looks great but it’s not that exciting, for arcade standards it’s fun for about 3 tokens (or card swipes now) but that’s all it is something you’ll play for a little bit but you can get the same fun out of playing x-wing vs tie fighter or any other flight simulator it actually allows you to fly around the world and get into actual dog fights I mean isn’t that better than a track?!.… Read the rest

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