Apr 12 2016

Tower Unite, bumpy start but it will improve

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Yes, its been quite a ride for PixelTail games but their creation has finally been released to the public and so far it’s not bad, but there’s still some issues, like for instance server connectivity which is quite common for something like this to have considering a large amount of it is online only and it’s just a small complaint the real problem I have personally is the fatal error problem.


Not my screen shot but its close enough, the fatal error bug has happened to me several times it didn’t happen when I played it after a couple of patches but it was quite an annoyance because it happened when I tried to join a game a virus,as of now it seems more stable still quite a bit of lag on populated servers but I’ve only talked about the cons enough of that negativity it’s time to talk about all it’s pros!

Now there’s only four game modes in TU at the moment and that’s Mini golf,Planet Panic, Ball race and Virus, Mini golf makes me rage quit but it’s overall enjoyable when that dick head of a ball gets into the hole without going 5 over bogey and it pays out nicely, Planet Panic is kinda a capture the flag type deal except with dogs Vs. cats and I had fun with it couldn’t make a score but I blew up a bunch of people, Now Virus is the funnest of them all, it’s intense FPS action that pits you against glowing naked zombies and milk cartoons and humans, it brings me back to the days of Time splitters 2 and I love it Ball race I can’t really play but it’s like super monkey ball.

Another great thing about this game is the condo’s, you can earn the in game currency called “Units” no micro transactions of course and you buy stuff for it, a lot of these items are affordable and work really well, TV’s can play media off of YouTube and there’s Picture canvases that’ll let you put pictures of anything from the internet (anything…) and make it a part of your condo one more thing is you can purchase three instruments that are playable electric piano,classic piano and drums guitars are coming soon and I think drums are still not playable but I haven’t tested it yet,you can customize the walls not a lot of options at the moment but I like My brick condo at the moment and you can explore quite a bit outside and hangout around the pool with your buds if you got any if not join a random condo and make some and coming soon you’ll be able to throw parties and make plenty of friends.

Character customization at the moment isn’t very detailed, you can change through a few outfits and buy hats for your character, there’s also a jet pack so if you don’t like walking around just boost up and fly to your destination or try to make it to the top of the tower which doesn’t work sorry, also you like throwing up? well you should stop throwing that movie it’s amazing shame on you, but hey I forgot you can vomit in this game after drinking booze so don’t get wasted in real life do it on Tower Unite! hey pixelTail contact me I can make slogans.

The main plaza in the game at the moment isn’t to exciting it’ll get there, Pulse the nightclub is estimated to be out by June and that seems like a sociable place, but if you’re looking to talk to people now the cinema or simply the boardwalk are good places oh yeah um there’s porn on YouTube don’t think there isn’t people will find it and show it on the big screen so take my warning be careful when you walk in there if you’re not into that if you are well why are you still reading this go buy the game and share porn with the world and watch the reactions ( I do not condone that, don’t do it.).

So far the game is good it’s still early access and has a long way to go and quite a bit is planned for 2016 so let’s give Tower Unite a round of applause from evolving from some Garry’s mod Add on to a full fledged game congrats PixelTail you did good.

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