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Feb 13 2016

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 final thoughts

Well I finished the first season not even an hour ago and I really liked the season I didn’t know there was another one until searching it up, so it seems that our main character kaneki went through quite a change near the end there but if you haven’t seen it yet go and watch it right now it’s really good and it beat out attack on titan for Me yes I know ¬†attack on titan one of the best anime’s out there but tokyo ghoul had something to it that made me like it quite a bit more and that is the development of the main character it’s slow but it’s most likely how it would be if someone had suffered a life altering change and have to get use to it.… Read the rest

Feb 09 2016

Tokyo Ghoul

Hello everyone Garethsmod here, it’s been a while sorry about that, I’ve started on the anime Tokyo ghoul an anime about a society that lives in fear of creatures called Ghouls, these Ghouls look human but are far from it they can only eat human flesh and some can go overboard.… Read the rest

Nov 16 2014

Garethsmod is back!

Hello everyone! As you can tell this is, well, a POST!… Read the rest

Sep 23 2014

Taste Test Raw, uncut, Gareth from Garethsmod gets sick, good video

Read the rest

Sep 23 2014

Camp Fire Goodness

CampFireMarshmallow from SugarFree Productions LLC on Vimeo.… Read the rest

Mar 15 2014

CampAnime three days of fun

CampAnime is a 3 day event that is held in September at camp Woodstock, it was a fun event and had been one of my first conventions and it’s a good first con in my opinion because well it’s small and the prices are reasonable and there’s a lot to do there from panels to creativity like last year they had a film crew there and me and some friends had made a short film

It’s a legend of Zelda/steampunk/vocoloid/Pokemon and even Team fortress 2 film.… Read the rest

Jan 13 2014


Hello everyone. My name is Matthew and I just joined garethsmod.… Read the rest

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