Apr 19 2015

Tower unite a social game without microtransactions and unlimited fun!

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There is A LOT of projects on kick starter some of them being the most idiotic thing on the face of the planet but they get funded.

Tower unite is a spiritual successor to Gmod tower an insanely fun game mode for garry’s mod,it’s like a virtual resort with casinos (with in game money YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR!) a free arcade,free condos, and chainsaw rampages.

PixelTale studio,the developers of the this mod want to make a game out of it called Tower unite and it will include some of the same things GMtower had with better visuals and less of an engine cap.The creators said after making lobby 2 for GMtower they’ve hit a roadblock and want to move further with the project this would mean making a whole standalone game,this would mean the end of GMTower and a brighter future to Tower Unite but there’s one problem,There’s barely any backers and the project is only at $16,508 this being the obvious problem they aren’t getting even close to the goal of $100.000 so this is why I’m writing a post about it, This game needs to happen this game could help save the current market and change a lot of things if this game is released and does well the games with Microtransactions could lessen and we might actually be able to play a game without having to pay 99 cents for 100 rubys or some stupid crap like that I’m asking you to check this out and donate if you can.

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