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Jun 21 2016

LootCrate June 2016

This months create was better.… Read the rest

Nov 30 2015

More Fallout 4!

I got another fallout video here fresh off the editor!… Read the rest

Jul 15 2015


Le spy TF2
Chie Persona 4
Arsenal from Arrow
                                                                                      And last but not least….a wastelander!… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015

Fallout 4’s website has crashed and boy is there crash screen good

So if you’re having issues getting onto the site right now you’ve probably been greeted with the image in the post if not then take a look at it I don’t know why it’s so cool to me but I just like it and think anyone who hasn’t seen it should see it.… Read the rest

Jun 03 2015


It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for the greatest day in gaming history today is the day we will remember as Fallout 4’s announcement.… Read the rest

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