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Sep 05 2016

Let’s play Battlefield 1 the beta!

Read the rest

Sep 03 2016

Overwatch let’s play

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Jun 21 2016

LootCrate June 2016

This months create was better.… Read the rest

Jun 16 2016

Swamp Pop soda!

Hey, remember that soda from 10 Cloverfield lane Swamp pop?… Read the rest

Jun 11 2016

Deadrising 4 could be announced at E3.

Yeah I’m a bit late to this news, but better late than never.… Read the rest

May 31 2016

Alone In A Movie Theater: A short X-Men Apocalypse review

A short review of X-Men Apocalypse and me screwing around late at night in a movie theater.… Read the rest

May 16 2016

(No title)



Fun game,fun moments and fun memes… Read the rest

May 04 2016

Response to Dose article “Here’s Why I Won’t Be Watching Netflix’s Newest Angry White Dude With A Gun”

Im responding to a recent article ┬áthat was posted on a website that use to be a Canadian magazine called Dose, it’s probably because of the daily dose of bull crap but we will get into that soon.… Read the rest

Apr 24 2016

Grand theft auto 5:the mod episode

I decided to do a little bit of a video on the mods I have in Grand theft auto 5.… Read the rest

Apr 21 2016

LootCrate: Drone edition

Drones are awesome and add greatness to just about anything.… Read the rest

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