Feb 20 2014

Operation flashpoint a star that died quickly

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You probably have or haven’t heard of this game but it was one of the greatest games ever,you had multiplayer matches that put you into a battle field with at least 60 Npc’s ,the game did have a story but i would mostly play multiplayer it was so fun.

The game didn’t get noticed out here in the US but over in the UK the game was huge and had actually gotten so popular it spawned up a..well i guess you could call it a squeal.

The game got a sequel that was trying to be something it wasn’t it was trying to be another battle field cod game and that didn’t sell to well and it basically killed the series but there’s still Arma out there if you want to play something like it for multiplayer.

Anyways I’m going to give this game a rating of a 3 out of 5 because it was a great game but it had its many issues with glitches and texture mess up’s.


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  1. Gareth Mannion

    There wasn’t texture issues, just it didn’t have rich textures due to the size of the game and memory limits on the Xbox 360

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