May 14 2014

SteamWars #1 an ember of hope

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steamwars So with free comic book day gone until next year and i read through the comics that i got TWICE!and figured it’s time to review them today i will be reviewing SteamWars now the name is pretty self-explanatory, it’s starwars in a steampunk world.

Steamwars is about what i think is WWI I’ll get to that when i talk about the characters,it starts with the rebel base getting attacked by the Hegemonic crux the reason their attacking is because the rebellion has the formula for a fuel called warp coal,as the base is under attack duchess,cpt,Lowe,smokey and Clees are escaping,they escape but meanwhile the evil Baron is interrogating 3 Rebel members and makes one of them burst into flames using forced Quantum observation which i think is like the Jedi mind trick except you know if your weak-minded it makes you combust,they hero’s make their escape and eventually crash-land into a swamp and they meet the last of the quantum dragons which is Luke.

So that’s basically the main idea for this one i hope i didn’t spoil it too much it’s a good read and i hope to read more of them and the art style is fantastic they went for an anime look and pulled it off very well.


Clees(C3PO): he’s the robot armed with the minigun I think he’s my favorite so far because of his fancy British accent and the fact that he’s drinking brandy when he’s a robot he’s basically a civilized bender,and not to mention he’s not screaming about dying every 30 minuets C3PO should take some lessons from this guy.

cpt,Lowe(Han solo),Captain Lowe is cool as well he’s got the same personality as Han,he and Duchess don’t get along Duchess being Princess leia and has a companion he can trust,his job is to get Duches out of there with the formula for warp coal.

Duchess(princess leia:She’s the princess leia of SteamWars like i said before her and Lowe don’t get along,She dosen’t seem to know much about weapons but she knows what to do within a dangerous situation,she’s really polite and thanks captain Lowe for waiting before he departed but Lowe knowing that they have to get the hell out of there rudely interrupt her telling her to get into the ship because there getting shot at.

Smokey(chewbacca):smokey is Lowe’s engineer smokey is a bear who has a device on his arm that helps him function the ship and he also knows how to use weapons,rather than going “RUAA” he goes “CHUULWLF”,I’m gonna go out and say it i don’t have a lot to say about smokey as i continue to issue #2 i might be able to get some more info on him

I’m not going to bring up the Luke character because then that would be spoiling too much for you.

The Next review will be hopefully soon the next comic will be Guardians of the galaxy a marvel classic.


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