May 16 2014

J.J Abrams shows “Revolution and almost human” have been cancelled

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Revolution from the words of zombie Joss Whendon “F**ck network TV is the point i was making earlier”
yep that’s how i feel right now because after watching just one episode of J.J Abrams Revolution i find out that the show was cancelled thanks to a hiatus thanks to the NBC network,They were afraid that there other shows were dropping in ratings and decided to put Revolution in hiatus to help these shows well i guess the hiatus worked because now they don’t have to worry about revolution because it’s been cancelled only two seasons of this show aired with the first season being hyped because of the trailers and how great it looked hell it’s still a good show by the looks of it but that wasn’t enough for the big old peacock he wanted more so they got more but to get more they needed to cut off the limb that was holding them back which i guess was unfortunately revolution.

almost human Now this show right here was cancelled by fox the canceler i mostly just call it the network that hates Joss Whedon now Abrams did have something to do with this cancellation as well but it’s only because he’s gonna be working on starwars ep7,but still this show has a pretty good following right now there’s actually a petition to save this show but unfortunately i don’t think it’s gonna work even if they get the signatures to have fox look at it they just don’t care so long as fox is bathing in hot tubs full of money and jumping into vaults of gold coins and getting hurt by it because coins are just going to make something solid were probably never gonna see a revival of this series i mean Abrams could pull a Whedon and make what was the first season into a movie and end it that way if it can work for firefly it can sure work for Almost human

Who knows what shows could be next for all we know the walking dead could get cancelled because of some sort of writers strike or Dr,who could be cancelled because a main actor could quit which i highly DOUBT! don’t have a heart attack Whovians.

but that’s all i have to say for right now i hope we get to see something happen to these two shows but the future looks dire for them,have hope my friends.

“zombie Joss Whedon quote from robot chicken episode Immortal”

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