Apr 28 2014

The E.T landfill myth isn’t a myth!

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I just found out that 100’s of copies of E.T the video game were found in New Mexico yep that’s right the myth is true,if this is your first time hearing about this game let me give you a bit of a summary.The E.T game was released during the christmas of 1982,the game was completed in 5 and a half weeks because of the christmas rush and all the people who will buy the Atari system seeing that there was an E.T game,once people got a chance to play it they started returning the consoles and game because of how awful it Atari took a major blow for this and managed to cause the video game crash of 1983 which and the market wasn’t saved till the release of the NES in 1985,After the whole mess Atari had to get rid of the unsold copies well there’s only one way to do that because nobody in the world would want though’s even if they were free,the answer was bury them all in New Mexico and never speak of it again.The moral of the story don’t rush a video game.

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